30 Jul 2017

6m FT8

In the end I decided to download the beta version of WSJT-x V1.8 which includes FT8. I have taken a look on 50.313MHz and copied a few stations by Es and a G in IO91 calling CQ. Although I called him, he did not respond. There is always tomorrow.

UPDATE 2110z: G4NBS (14km) was my first FT8 QSO on 6m. Well on any band!  I am not sure the PSK Reporter Map upload is working properly. Several stations have been reported, but none appear to show.

UPDATE 2118z: Well it helps if you look on the right band! Doh! All is well.

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Paul Stam said...

Hi Roger, I use WSJT-X DX Aggregator V1.9 and it works fine for uploading spots. 73 Paul PC4T