27 Jul 2017

10m WSPR

Since breakfast, my 10m WSPR TX beacon (500mW) has been on and received 119 spots, mainly in Germany and Denmark. So, plenty of Es on 10m.

UPDATE 1105z:  437 10m WSPR spots so far today. 36 unique spots, which is the best day yet this season and it is only just after noon local time!

UPDATE 1402z: 537 10m WSPR spots so far today. Es has been good on 10m so far. (

UPDATE 1832z: With 40 unique 10m WSPR spots, this is definitely my best day on 10m this season. Best DX is a spot by OE1SJS (1230km).

UPDATE 1935z: Although I am still seeing Eastern Europe on 6m JT65, all has been quiet on 10m WSPR here for an hour.

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