22 Jun 2017

Youngsters and amateur radio

This is a point I have made many times: unless we attract young people into our hobby and keep their interest, it will die with us. I see on Southgate News that the ARRL has been doing something about the growing crisis.

See http://southgatearc.org/news/2017/june/amateur-radio-needs-young-people.htm#.WUuA4LpFzmQ

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Todd Dugdale said...

I looked at the story and failed to see anything that the ARRL is doing to change things. It's just one guy saying what you just said. So *you* are "doing" pretty much what the ARRL is.
Just last year we had the feeble YOTA effort, which was nothing more than putting the letter "Y" in front the ubiquitous "OTA" and claiming the problem was solved.

The barriers involved are *social*, not technical or regulatory.