3 Jun 2017

WSPR versus JT65

For the last couple of years I have been comparing WSPR versus JT65 on 10m and 6m. Theoretically, WSPR is a little better, but I seem to get much better results with JT65. Maybe it is because the TX period on JT65 is shorter, so transient openings are seen? Maybe there is more JT65 activity?

With my little 500mW 10m W5OLF WSPR beacon, I can be on 10m WSPR TX whilst using the shack PC and FT817 for 6m JT65. These use different antennas.

I really ought to try PSK31 too. Later!

UPDATE 1758z:  Today on 10m WSPR no spots at all. On 6m JT65 plenty of Es spots given and received. Best DX on 6m JT65 RX was 4X4DK (3582km).

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