3 Jun 2017

"Real" DX on 6m

At the moment, F2 worldwide 6m DX is rare and we rely on Es to get decent ranges. Es tends to peak in the late spring and summer. "Real" DX, by which I mean ranges well in excess of normal Es ranges, seems to occur when Es is good, although I am not a great believer these are due to multi-hop Es. OK, some might be, but I think some of the distances suggest some kind of chordal hop Es. I am frequently wrong!

UK to Israel even with my poor antenna and lossy coax and QRP every summer for several years? Also, occasional reception at much greater ranges on 6m?

I'd be interested to hear your views, especially from real experts with far more knowledge than I'll ever have. These long distance Es paths have puzzled me for years. They do happen most seasons, if not all Es seasons.

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