21 Jun 2017

Pound against the Euro - NOT amateur radio

It is a year this week since the UK voted to leave the EU. I voted to remain.

It is my view that the Euro will lose value soon, probably this year. The UK was a major contributor to the EU finances and we will be missed. The Euro problems have not gone away, particularly Greece. Yes, the UK may be hurt in the short-term, but I cannot see this lasting.

Despite BREXIT, I am expecting the UK pound to gain value against the Euro, possibly as soon as this year. As I have said before, I could be completely wrong!

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Anonymous said...

.. Been thinking the same since 2008 when the bluff was called on the banks. We are still not out of the woods, in fact, Euro banks getting deeper and deeper in the doo-doo. It has gone VERY quiet recently about the failing Italian banks. When this tips, I think the end is due, as Italy cannot bail them out as it has its own problems. The IMF has also indicated it will not bail out the banks. Maybe EuroGroup can find another sitcking plaster, but their box is nearly empty. How the UK banks will dig themselves out of the Euro-mess will be seen. Barclays is suffering from the unorthodox bail-out from last time.. Hugh G6AIG