29 Jun 2017


Usually, I get an email from OFCOM, but I seem to have missed the latest. I expect this is human error or, more probably, a computer error. I get pretty annoyed with computer generated emails. Lately I have received these from Direct Line, Barclays, British Gas and OFCOM to name just a few. You just know no human was involved.

Anyway, enough moaning, and back to OFCOM. This is the latest statement about enforcement.

See https://www.ofcom.org.uk/consultations-and-statements/category-2/ofcoms-approach-to-enforcement

Waffle, more waffle, and basically unless money is involved go away as we are unlikely to help you. Sorry, but bring back the GPO man who understood radio and really tried to help. Basically OFCOM is, for the radio amateur, a waste of time. Run by headless chickens, it would seem, who have no real knowledge of radio. That is my personal experience and I accept others may have had a better experience.  Sadly OFCOM comes across as a QUANGO trying hard to justify why it is there. My personal view is scrap it. Unless it employs people who really understand radio, they have no hope of doing a useful job.

Bitter and twisted? Me?

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