9 Jun 2017

New 6m yagi


Although I have copied JA for 3 days on the trot on 6m JT65 I see InnoVAntennas want you to part with lots of money. Here I just have a triband omni vertical fed with lossy CB coax and an FT817.

Don't believe hype. You can enjoy the hobby spending very little.

OK, I agree that a big yagi may help, but I seem to do fine with a very modest station.

See http://www.innovantennas.com/antennas-a-accesories/on-line-shop/view/productdetails/virtuemart_product_id/507/virtuemart_category_id/3.html

If I erected the MONSTER shown on the Southgate News page my neighbours would have a fit! No, you can enjoy the hobby much more modestly. Each to their own, but to me this is not amateur radio.

See http://southgatearc.org/news/2017/june/lfa-3-third-generation-lfa-yagi-make-ja-possible-on-6m.htm#.WTp

If I wanted to talk to the USA and Japan why not use Skype?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I'm shure that monster antenna helps and it is a great selling argument. But I enjoyed spotting Japan, Korea and USA with my small V2000 clone and 3 pieces of Aircell7 connected through PL connectors just as you did. Would be great if I had made a contact, but is indeed not necessary. Now I still have a goal. For G0GGG it's not a goal anymore, he just proved his antenna works very well. He probabely use it for EME as well?? 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Agreed Bas. It saddens me to think people believe spending a fortune is necessary. I am sure this must put people off. No, to me it is about getting fun without breaking the bank.

Todd Dugdale said...

The pressure to spend huge sums of money on the hobby has, indeed, warped amateur radio. "Rig-shaming" is common. Worse, these people that spend a fortune then *demand* that others get on the air so that they can put their huge investment to use. Every week, there's someone on the forums shaming, cajoling, brow-beating, and ridiculing operators for being inactive.

Even worse, when people do get on the air, these same people are criticised for "doing it wrong". It's a doomed cycle.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that radio amateurs are willing to spend so much on buying ever more exotic radios, rather than, for instance, spending it on their houses. After all,the sets all offer SSB/CW/FM, don't they? Not much has changed in 40 years. Is it really worth the extra for DSP, waterfall displays..?

I don't mean to be too cynical. These big spenders do at least come on air, I spend so much time homebrewing, that I rarely get to operate. Perhaps I should transmit more, and learn less?