21 Jun 2017

ICOM and Yaesu UK Prices

The IC7300 from ICOM retails at just under £1200 in the UK. The Yaesu FT891 retails for about half this at just under £600. OK, I know they are different radios, but both are 100W HF and 6m radios and the RX of the IC7300 has a much simpler SDR architecture.

Although I accept I may be wrong, these are my conclusions:
  • The IC7300 sells at a price people are prepared to pay and dealers are keeping the price as high they dare for as long as they can. It almost looks like the price is fixed between dealers. I am not saying it is, but it looks like this. Normally by now one has started to drop price, but this has not happened. The true price should be far less.
  • Yaesu sells the FT891 at just under £600 to tempt buyers. They may be trying to buy market share. I note a new model Yaesu 2m/70cm handi sells for £129.
Looking at this, I'd guess that ICOM will be around for a while. Yaesu may decide this is not a market to remain in for too much longer? As I said, I could be totally wrong. Personally I hope both stay in the amateur market for a long time.

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G1KQH said...

My guess is Yaesu will bring an SDR HF Radio very soon to market.

Depending where it perches the price, I guess then the heat will be turned up on Icom, which in turn will slowly tell the cartel to drop prices.

Certainly Yaesu are the ones now to watch!

73 Steve