10 Jun 2017

Amateur radio prices

Just now, I received an email from MLS giving details of their "something for the weekend" special offers. Now I appreciate that dealers have to make a profit - after all, this is their business - but I remain amazed by some of the prices. All dealers are similar, so I am not singling out MLS.

For example, one HF antenna sells for £409 when the manufacturing cost is unlikely to be more than £10, especially if made in China. Someone is making a huge profit. Of course, dealers sell for the prices we are prepared to pay. Reasonable is fine, but rip-offs are not. More fool us for playing the game.

In 20 years many dealers will be gone. Those that remain should be those that provide a good service, make reasonable profits and do not rip off their customers. Any dealer that rips off customers deserves to fail.

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G1KQH said...

In support of dealers they provide a service, they also have to guarantee your purchase. Also they to have to pay rent, rates, and staff wages.

You have a choice, you can either buy it, try and source it from elsewhere at a cheaper price, make it, or stay mean and keep your money in the bank!

73 Steve