14 Jun 2017

6m JT65 super DX?

Once again, I spotted a station in Indonesia on 6m JT65. 7A5FHZ (11934km) was spotted very early. I am suspicious as this is a very long way on 6m and the signal was very strong. There were quite a few Es spots around Europe.

UPDATE 1700z: The same Indonesian station was spotted at lunchtime - suspicious? I am highly doubtful.

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Jan, OZ9QV said...

Could be correct.
Yesterday morning I spotted DU/PA0HIP on 6m JT65, both prefix and locator were corresponding.
The other day I spotted a station with a similar prefix and a corresponding locator. I think we are seeing real stuff.
I am just using a half wave vertical on 6m here.

Vy 73 de Jan OZ9QV