20 Jun 2017

6m JT65 real DX - real and fictional?

Just spotted K1TOL (5082km) in Maine, USA on 6m JT65.  I am sure this is true having worked this well equipped station some years ago on 6m CW.

Also, I spotted (supposedly) yet another Indonesian on 6m JT65. I have lost count of the number of Indonesians on 6m JT65. Unless proved otherwise, I think these are false decodes or pirates.

UPDATE 1600z: WP2B (6804km) in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean was spotted earlier. Judging by others who also spotted him, I think he is genuine.

UPDATE 2055z: PV8DX (7830km) in northern Brazil is the latest 6m JT65 DX earlier this evening.

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