16 Jun 2017

13 Japanese stations spotted today on 6m JT65

This is the best day so far this season on 6m JT65 with 13 (thirteen) different Japanese stations spotted around breakfast time today. Interesting that none at all was from Tokyo or its suburbs. Sadly, no spots of me from Japan.

I am amazed how easily I am spotting these with my poor setup here.

At the moment, I am still on 6m JT65 in beacon mode sending "B G3XBM JO02" near the top of the JT65 sub-section.

UPDATE 0932z: as well as all the Japanese spots on 6m JT65 I notice 7A7YYZ (13582km) was spotted early on 6m JT65. If genuine, this is long way on a VHF band. I have spotted different Indonesians several times, and find it hard to think they are all pirates. There were so many Japanese that I am sure Far East 6m propagation is genuine.


Anonymous said...

7A7YYZ appears to be a non-existant call.

Roger G3XBM said...

I tend to agree. Although I have few doubts about the Japanese spots, I remain very doubtful over the "Indonesian" spots. Unless I suddenly get confirmation, I think these are doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Deep Search option or similar cons are creating false hope -


JT65 seems a bit of a con to me.

Roger G3XBM said...

Whilst I am sure some calls are false decodes, the Japanese ones were not. A lot of issues have been corrected in later versions of WSJT-X. JT65 is NOT a con, but you have to watch out for false decodes and pirates.