5 Jun 2017

10m WSPR TX and 6m JT65 transceive

As usual, I am on 10m WSPR TX (500mW, 100%) and 6m JT65 transceiver (1W ERP). There is Es on both bands.

UPDATE 1015z:  Best DX so far on 6m JT65 RX is EA8DBM (3015km).

UPDATE 1625z: Best DX on 10m WSPR TX is SM2BYC (2015km). On 6m JT65 I have supposedly received my 3rd Indonesian, 7A7YYZ (13582km), although I am a bit suspicious of these spots. They seem a very long way.

UPDATE 1956z: Although not showing up on my PSK reporter map, maybe I lost internet connectivity (?) but WP2B was copied around 30 minutes ago. I think this is the Virgin Is in the Caribbean.

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