23 May 2017

ICOM's new R8600 RX

Reading the latest RadCom I was amazed to read that the likely selling price of the new ICOM R8600 receiver based on the IC7300 is £2500!!!

Is this a joke? I was expecting the price to be below £1000.

I don't doubt this is a nice radio, but the price is stupid. At this price I hope no-one buys it and the dealers learn a lesson - don't take us for a ride to make inflated profits. By all means make a profit, but I smell the nasty side of capitalism.

See http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/receivers/r8600/default.aspx

1 comment:

G1KQH said...

Really who would buy it, GCHQ maybe?

If I wanted to be a SWL with an ambition of becoming a Ham, I would buy a new HF rig putting the Mic away in the drawer until I got my licence..

Maybe it was made with little Yuppy Junior in mind..

73 Steve