17 May 2017

Dayton (USA)

MAY 19-21st 2017 : DAYTON HAMVENTION® (new venue)

Greene County Fair & Exposition Center, Xenia, Dayton, Ohio, USA. Doors open at 8am. There will be trade stands and a huge flea market as well as special interest groups and an RSGB bookstall. A lecture programme will take place each day. There are multiple catering outlets and family attractions on site. US exams are available and there is a raffle. Details by email to international@hamvention.org. www.hamvention.org.

A list of rallies can be found at http://rsgb.org/main/news/rallies/

This is "the big one" in the USA and is often used by big companies to launch new products, often way ahead of them being on sale. I suspect rivals also see what their competition is up to. Maybe Yaesu created the FT991A after seeing the ICOM IC7300 at Dayton?

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