24 May 2017

Antenna replacement?

I'm considering replacements for a couple of my antennas.

For years, I have used a Par EF10/20/40 end fed wire on these 3 bands. It works even though very low, but I am sure I could get out better.

Also, my big-wheel on 2m has done me well for a couple of years.

In the garage I have a little used SRC X80 vertical. This is essentially a Rybakov vertical fed via a UNUN so it can be matched on most HF bands with an auto ATU. I have heard mixed results with this antenna. As a vertical it is likely to be noisy on HF and it could be worse than my horizontal Par. It is also in need of grounding as lightning protection, mainly from static. It flexes quite a bit, so might be damaged by high winds.

I could replace my big-wheel with a Homebase-10 10m halo. As an omni antenna it would give me all round coverage and I know this works. With strapped feeders, I might be able to use the coax as an antenna on other HF  bands too.

It would also be good to get a better 630m antenna up.

Sadly, I probably need help these days as I get wobbly on ladders.

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