29 May 2017

6m JT65

Last night, as a precaution, I went QRT and disconnected plugs and antennas. We had thunder and lightning overnight (I'm told) but I slept through it!

At the moment I am on 6m JT65 (1W ERP). Best DX on TX is 9A2DI (1532km). There have been G spots, ON (tropo or aircraft?) and Es on 6m. On 6m JT65 RX the best DX is EA8JK (3021km).

UPDATE 1112z:  As well as the Es, I have been spotted in Cornwall by G8BCG (372km) in IO70 square. If this was tropo, it was a long way.

UPDATE 1604z: Plenty of Es from/to Europe on 6m JT65 today. What would be really good would be if we got Es to the Caribbean or South America on 6m JT65. Although it feels quite humid here, there are no thunderstorms shown in the UK. Unless thing change I intend to stay on 6m JT65 until late this evening.

UPDATE 2040z: Although the Es spots seem to have stopped, there are still plenty of G spots. As the thunderstorms seem to be mainly in Belgium and Germany I am remaining on the air.

UPDATE 2140: Today, my QRP 1W ERP 6m JT65 was spotted by 9 UK stations and I spotted 23 stations in the UK.

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