3 May 2017

6m JT65

For a change, I started out on 6m JT65 today with 1W ERP in beacon mode, although I am looking for others 50% of the time and reporting all my spots to PSK Reporter Maps. I am hopeful of some G spots and maybe some Es.

UPDATE 0925z:  G8MIA (162km) spotted on 6m.

UPDATE 1100z: Now 3 G stations spotted on 6m JT65, but nothing from mainland Europe as yet on 6m.

UPDATE 1820z: ON4PG (342km) is my only continental today on 6m JT65, spotted here at 1706z. Tropo?

UPDATE 2100z: My first and probably the only spot on 6m JT65 was some 34 minutes ago when G1IDZ (182km) spotted me in  IO82tc square.

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