25 May 2017

10m JT65 today

In view of the successes with this band and mode yesterday, I have returned to 10m JT65 this morning. There is already widespread Es on the band and I have been spotted all over Europe already and this is boding well for the rest of the day. It would be good to be spotted in South America later.

UPDATE  1240z: So far 13 unique stations have spotted my 10m JT65 throughout Europe. Plenty of Europeans spotted here. I assume all this is Es. Nothing yet from outside Europe, but I am hopeful!

UPDATE 1604z: The first South American spotted on 10m JT65 is LU4HOQ (11342km) near Corduba. There is good Es in Europe, so I am again wondering if this is Es linking into TEP?

UPDATE 2010z:  So far, just 2 South Americans spotted on 10m JT65 this afternoon and evening. No-one has spotted me in South America on 10m JT65 today.

UPDATE 2110z: Well, it looks like just the two South Americans spotted on 10m JT65 today. I shall leave things running in case there is any Es in the night or early tomorrow. Again, like yesterday, my own signal was widely spotted across Europe, but not beyond.

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