24 May 2017

10m JT65 today

For a change, I am in beacon mode on 10m JT65. Best DX so far is a spot by ES1JA (1701km) - early Es, I think, although this could be F2.

UPDATE 0820z: Best DX spot of me is now EW2ABC (1811km) in Belarus.

UPDATE 1146z: Lots of Es spots today on 10m JT65. Lost count of the countries in which my 500mW WSPR beacon has been copied. Certainly being copied throughout Scandinavia and down to the Adriatic. Also spotted in Portugal.

UPDATE 1840z:  Real DX!! 8 stations in 4 countries in South America spotted on 10m JT65 plus Madagascar, which counts as Africa. Best DX was spotting LU8XAF (13413km). Sadly no-one spotted me outside of Europe. I'll leave things running.

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