20 Apr 2017

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

It is now over 3.5 years since my cerebellum brain bleed. In all honesty, I never doubted a full recovery, so it is really disappointing that my voice is still very poor, I am still giddy when walking and that I get tired so quickly.

Other subtle effects are that I think others say one thing and I find they said something else. I find driving much harder nowadays. Often people don't understand me when I speak and I find it very tiring repeating myself. I am more emotional than I was and in many ways I must be harder to live with.

In many ways I'm lucky not to have more serious disabilities. My main problem is others think I am fully OK - indeed I look fine - but inside I still feel unwell.

Improvements, if they are still happening, are now very slow and hard to see. Still, I am grateful that most of me still works. Life goes on: I never give up.

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