11 Apr 2017

Repairs! - NOT amateur radio

With springtime comes lawn cutting and hedge cutting. Although the lawnmower was fine, the cordless hedgecutter seems to have seized blades. Sadly the blades did not respond to WD40, so I shall have to try to separate the blades and clean them. Unfortunately the screws used have non-standard heads and I shall have to see if my neighbour has the right sort. I thought they were Allen keys but they are the sort of head you find a lot these days in things they would rather you replaced. I shall have a go at mending. You can buy these screwdrivers, so I may invest in some.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
If the heads are six sided and have six indents instead of corners then it might be a Torx head. There are two kinds, the regular has a flat recess, the " secure" version has a pin in the middle to prevent a regular driver from being used. The secure drivers can be used with both forms so are the logical choice. Screwfix or CPC sell sets of " security bits" which include tri-wing and many other kinds.

The Torx head will allow more torque to be applied than the Allen hexagonal head. However now that it is so easy to get hold of the drivers they are not as secure as they used to be!