24 Apr 2017

Macron win in France? - NOT amateur radio

He is the book favourite to win the final contest against the far right Le Pen in France. As Trump and BREXIT warned us, experts are often wrong.

Overall, I hope Macron wins.

There is a lot wrong with the EU, but Macron has the chance of putting these things right. If Le Pen wins then the EU project is dead and with it European security in the next 50 years. France needs Macron in my view.

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Anonymous said...

Still it is interesting that two ofter other candidates (Le Pen and Melenchon) racked up almost half of the voters with a strong opposition to the EU. Nevertheless, agreed, Macron is a very presentable candidate. I would give an arm and a leg to have Macron instead of the ridiculous leadership that Germany has now.
73 ;-)