11 Apr 2017

EME - moonbounce

VE7SL has been busy again with moonbounce using 140W on 2m with JT65. Steve has a modest station and yet again shows that moonbounce, which used to be for a very few, is now possible for more stations.

It still needs careful optimisation and is never easy. Certainly it still remains beyond me. All credit to Steve.


Steve McDonald said...

Tnx Roger but I only wish it was 250W. I use a very old 2m brick at 140W. Had been contemplating building something bigger with a 4CX250 as I have several of them as well as the sockets but after hearing and working those two-Yagi stations, it has given me renewed hope that there are still plenty of stations left for me to work!

In the meantime I have downloaded all of your 'vlf' tagged blogs and am finding them most inspiring ... as I did with your lightwave blogs. I sense another project here. Your past experimental blogs are a true treasure-chest of hands-on information for those who take the time to go through them all ... I think I need to do a blog about your blogs as they display a wonderful example of what I consider to be real amateur radio ... 73 & take care

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve, I have amended the blog post to say 140W, not 250W. Thank you for your kind comments!