16 Apr 2017

Easter - NOT amateur radio

All Christian churches celebrate today as Easter Sunday. This year the western and eastern churches (that use different calendars) celebrate Easter on the same day. The next time this happens is 2025.

I went to church with my wife today. I used to go regularly. Sadly, I did not feel moved. To me the words were meaningless and empty. I deeply wish I still had my faith, but I feel lacking in faith.  Something deep inside tells me there is some truth in all this but right now I cannot discern it.

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Anonymous said...

Roger, there is nothing wrong with you, what you sense ist most likely right. Most churches have completely lost their spirit.

May I make a suggestion.. http://treeoflifechurch.org.uk/ is run by a brilliant and extremely gifted fellow. Check if one of the congregations is near to your location.

73 and God bless!