10 Apr 2017

Dandelions - NOT amateur radio

Although officially a "weed", dandelions and daisies are everywhere now. These signal spring and that we are no longer in winter. To me, they are cheerful flowers.


RA7RA said...

I like your messages and not amateur radio. Looking at the message I remembered.
Spring and summer options for how to give the body vitamins and nutrients - the mass. However, among a variety of vegetables, fruits and a variety of plants, there are those that are especially useful for health. Among such plants is a dandelion. Let's talk about the options for salads that can be prepared with a dandelion.
Today, few people know that dandelions can be cooked with a variety of healthy dishes. This plant is more known as a malignant weed, which is very, very difficult to fight. However, if you look at the situation a little from the other side: knowing how useful a dandelion is, it becomes obvious that it is not just so tenacious and widespread, because everything in nature is thought through to the smallest detail.

It will take: 1 handful of dandelion leaves, 1-2 slices of lemon and clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon. Carrot grated, 1 tsp. Lemon juice, sorrel, chopped nuts, mayonnaise / vegetable oil to taste.

How to prepare a vegetable salad with dandelion and nuts. Pour the leaves of dandelion with cold salted water for half an hour, then dry them and optionally not too finely chop. Garlic crushed with salt, cut the lemon along with the cuticle very finely, combine it with dandelion, add carrots, a few chopped sorrel leaves, nuts, season with lemon juice and butter or mayonnaise.
Sorry for the translation of Google
73! Pavel RA7RA

Roger G3XBM said...

This sounds very tasty Pavel - thank you.