23 Apr 2017

6m MSK144 RX again

Yet again, I have chosen 6m MSK144 RX this morning as well as 10m WSPR TX again. This mode/band (MSK144/6m) never seems to fail unlike 10m WSPR that has been very poor of late with an absence of even locals.

Lack of activity, not conditions, seems to be the main reason why 10m seems "dead". If we don't use it, it may be allocated to CBers before the next peak. We have a wide allocation and could you really blame the FCC or OFCOM if they decided to reallocate? We'd only have ourselves to blame. As they say, " use it or lose it".  In this day and age, we deserve to lose it sadly.

UPDATE 0915z: On 6m already 22 stations spotted in 11 countries.

UPDATE 1035z: Surprise, surprise! Some 10m WSPR spots at last!
On 6m MSK144 RX the score is 25 stations in 12 countries spotted so far today.

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