5 Apr 2017

10m JT65

Although no spots seen as yet, I have been on 10m JT65 today. We are nearing the start of the Es season which should see 10m and 6m open to lots of Europe from the UK even with QRP SSB.

UPDATE 1920z:  No spots all day, at least not showing on PSK reporter maps. Still running overnight, so might catch some aircraft reflections later?

UPDATE 2032z: PY2RSA (9473km) spotted me on 10m JT65 not too long ago. Not shown on PSK reporter maps was a spot of an N0. This may have been because I lost internet connectivity for a period. I have since gone QRT.


RA7RA said...

I heard in the morning on 10m JT65, but did not have time to turn on the computer, the signal disappeared. Maybe it was your signal.
Has included WSPR. Lucky day. Took OZ7IT, DK0FHW, DF4PV and even FR1GZ. 10m comes to life. It is a pity while only on reception.
73! Pavel RA7RA

Roger G3XBM said...

Good Pavel, and I hope you work lots on 10m in the days ahead.

RA7RA said...

TNX. 6.04 RX JT65 10m. HOPE CUAGN.
73!Pavel RA7RA