29 Apr 2017

10m and 6m WSPR yet again

At the moment I am on 10m WSPR (100% TX, 500mW) and 6m WSPR (1W ERP 20% TX,  80% RX). I am seeing some UK spots on 6m, but no Es yet on either band.

UPDATE 1312z: G0LUJ (278km) is the best copied on 6m WSPR this morning. EA1FAQ (1249km) spotted me on 10m WSPR. I think the latter was Es. There is some Es about. G4APB (88km) has also been spotted on 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 1324z: I see that G4KPX (14km) has spotted my 500mW beacon on 10m WSPR. No doubt Richard is looking a bit further afield!

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