2 Mar 2017

Northern Ireland Elections - NOT amateur radio

One thing is certain - I am no politician. Also, I have not been closely following what led to the breakdown of the power sharing alliance in Northern Ireland.

As an "outsider" looking in I think far more things unite its people than divide. It is a staggeringly beautiful place - better than Eire in my view - and I just hope that after the elections today, the parties can find a way to work together for the common good. Sectarianism is so yesterday. Break down the old barriers and work hard for all the people. If you fall back to sectarianism, you have only yourselves to blame.

Catholic? Protestant? Who cares? What matters is the best for Northern Ireland and all its people.


Anonymous said...

Religion is the root cause of all problems. And politics are ment to divide people.

Roger G3XBM said...

This may be so, but I am advocating that all people work together for the common good. Some of the bigotry goes back centuries and both Protestants and Catholics are not free from past blame. In the 21st century past bigotry has no place. The future is for all working together.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with your opinion. That's why I said that religion is a root cause. ALL religion.
Wouldn't it be a better idea if Nord and South be one again. As an independent country, not controlled by UK ?
And then they can work out their future together.