19 Mar 2017

New country copied on 6m MSK144

EA2ARD (1010km) has been spotted on 6m MSK144. I am pretty sure this is a new country copied by this mode on 6m.  As well as 6m MSK144 RX, I am also active on 10m WSPR TX but nothing spotted.

UPDATE 1025z: 2E0EBM (65km) spotted on 6m MSK144.

UPDATE 1154z: G8HXE (221km) and EI4DQ (576km) now spotted on 6m MSK144. This mode on 6m never fails. Most days I spot several countries on 6m even with my V2000 vertical using this mode.

UPDATE  1200z: DK6UG (633km) has spotted my 500mW 10m WSPR. So there is some life on 10m.

UPDATE 1506z: Now spotted 8 stations in 7 countries so far today on 6m MSK144.
UPDATE 1940z: Time to go QRT on 6m MSK144 RX.

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