19 Mar 2017

Mr Trump - NOT amateur radio

A lot of people in the USA voted him into office. "Make America great again".

As yet, he has still to demonstrate true statesman-like behaviour on the world stage. Mrs Merkel was not impressed! He will be judged by how statesman-like he is. Sometimes he will have to eat his words. We have not yet had him in office 100 days, so it would be wrong to judge him too soon, although personally I have not been impressed.

Why does he remind me of a certain European leader who came to power in the 1930s and who committed suicide in 1945? Caveat emptor.

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Anonymous said...

Good day Roger,
politicians are certainly not what they used to be. I very much admire your very own Madam Prime Minister. She is an intelligent, honest, and strong leader. Almost reminds me of the late Mrs. Thatcher. I would give an arm and a leg to have her instead of "Mutti".
Re. Mrs. Merkel, trust me, nobody cares if she is impressed. Looking at the current political scenario for the vote in fall, she is as good as history. Her successor is a Brussels devout extreme left winger. Re. reminders of 1933, I fail to see the similarity here. The historical figure was a socialist, the current figure is a capitalist. He can not control his words (another big difference) which is what eventually will get him into trouble.
73 Rob