21 Mar 2017

IC7300 - price drop time?

To my thinking, the IC7300 is still way over-priced.  It uses a much simpler architecture than the FT991A and the true price, even with the dealers taking a decent margin, should be well below £1000 especially with the retail price of the FT891 being what it is. Yes, I know they are different radios, but I want to see the IC7300 at a fair price. Dealers are clearly trying to make handsome profits whilst they can.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

The IC-7610 will soon be on the market. I expect (hope) for a price drop when it is being sold. We'll wait. 73, Bas

G1KQH said...

Guess they will keep milking it for as long as the till is ringing and they are shifting them out the door. 7610, I think the price is going to be higher than most folk first thought, so have they made a boo boo?