5 Mar 2017

6m DX

Just before breakfast I started to monitor 6m MSK144. IN4FFN (1030km) in northern Italy in JN56 square is the best DX so far. Random MS?

I continue to be impressed that such a rubbish system here copies so much on 6m. As I have said before, if I can copy 16 countries I am pretty sure anyone can on 6m - outside the Es season. Random MS and aircraft reflections are there to be exploited.

Just replacing my coax is probably worth 2dB for starters. A small Moxon wide beam aimed Europe is probably another 3dB, although I seem to copy quite a lot with my V2000 omni vertical already. Please give it a go as you are very unlikely to be disappointed. All software is free.

UPDATE 1342z:  4 stations in 3 countries (I, G, GM) so far on 6m MSK144 RX so far today. The decoded signals are very strong. I guess the bursts are good, if short.

UPDATE 1715z:  5 countries spotted today so far on 6m MSK144 (I, G, GM, GJ, GD).

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