31 Mar 2017

20m JT65

Hoping the band is still usable, I have QSYed to 20m JT65 (2W). So far I have only been spotted by S52NR (1318km).

UPDATE 1734z: Spotted by 5 Europeans so far, but nothing further afield.

UPDATE 1755z: Now 8 Europeans spotting me, although I think the band is closing now. I may leave it running overnight to see what happened early Saturday.

UPDATE 1810z: Now 14 Europeans spotting my 2W 20m JT65. The band is still open.

UPDATE 1848z: Now 18 Europeans spotting my 2W on 20m JT65.
UPDATE 2020z:  K1GUY, in the USA, spotted me on 20m JT65 about an hour ago.

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