27 Feb 2017

When we die? - NOT amateur radio

This has been mentioned here before. It is something most of us prefer not to think about. Instead we want to get on with our lives.

The year after next I reach 70.  Following my stroke in 2013 I have not enjoyed the health I once had. Compared with many I am lucky though - most of me still works!

Time and again I wonder what happens when we die. Are we just aware of nothing at all, as we were before we were born? Is time and life just an illusion? One thing is certain, we just do not know. With quantum physics, multiverses and many dimensions we cannot experience, it is a brave person who says he/she knows.

All major religions talk about an after-life of some sort. What about morality? If we just die why do we have a sense of right and wrong? Is this a human facet?

No, I am not worried, but I think about this more than I did.

Life is a mystery and I do not have the answers. All religions may hint at answers, but most are thousands of years old, the texts of which were written when we believed the earth was flat, the centre of the universe, demons were real and the world was a very different place.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, although I am 20 years younger of course I thought about this many times. Personally I think when you die there is nothing. But you will live forever or as long as your blog and website are available on the internet. Look at G4ILO's site, it's still on so he is still there although you will not hear or see him alive anymore. 73, Bas

Anonymous said...

I like to think that I have a scientific view of such things but I don't have any answers.
When my mother died, it was evident to me that she had passed away. There was no question about it. I did wonder if her persona had left the body a few hours before death but I cannot claim to know either way.

However, I had previously had an encounter or two for which there is no satisfactory explanation. Person or persons who had passed away and whom I had never encountered before. Folk who seemed out of place. In one case several hundred years...

What is a ghost? A magnetic memory or a spirit that left the vessel or body that gave it physical being? One day we may discover the answer. What I saw seemed to have awareness of my presence. (No I had not been at the spirits, whisky or otherwise)

Personally I have an organ donor card. Not so that part of me can continue in some small way but simply because some of my organs may be of use when I pass on. I am happy for what remains to be used for research as otherwise I'd be compost.