1 Feb 2017

Moved to 10m, then 20m JT65

First I moved to 10m JT65. Then I moved to 20m JT65. I called a couple of stations calling CQ but without success. Of late, I have been beaconing to see where I am getting - all over the place! 20m really is too easy! I only use a low end fed antenna.
20m initial spots on JT65
UPDATE 1446z: At the moment, the best DX on 20m JT65 RX is Cuba, but on 20m JT65 TX I am being widely copied in the Eastern USA as well as right across Europe and Russia.

UPDATE 2108z: Lots on 20m JT65, which is still running in beacon mode. Too easy! I'll probably stay on 20m until tomorrow now.

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