10 Feb 2017

6m MSK144 RX- give it a go!

6m MSK144 RX so far today
G8EPQ (77km) and HB9Q (794km) copied on 6m MSK144 this morning. I think the former was aircraft scatter and the latter random MS.

It amazes me what just appears on 6m in this mode at any time, irrespective of conditions. Mine is a very basic setup with just an FT817, a V2000 vertical omni and RG58 coax and free software. If I can copy these so can anyone! Give it a go.

UPDATE 1318z: GI4SNA (488km) has been spotted on 6m MSK144 - my 8th country.

UPDATE 1845z: LA3EQ (768km) and F6ECI (811km) spotted on 6m MSK144. LA3EQ is a new country on this mode on 6m. Random MS?

UPDATE 2240z: And another country spotted on 6m MSK144!  This was OZ1PIF (850km) - probably random MS.

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BobG8EPQ said...


I'm trying 6m msk144 after reading your blog this morning, so glad you "heard" my signal.