25 Jan 2017

What next?

Although 10m conditions were quite good lately, activity on the band has been poor, which is disappointing. After quite a successful 2m WSPR outing last night, and continued interesting results on 630m, I am after a new challenge. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

To operate on VHF, I think I need a better TCXO in the FT817. If I (eventually) get an IC7300, maybe I should try 4m WSPR or other modes? Although some years ago I made a 4m transverter, I don't think the stability and frequency setting would be good enough for digital modes.

At present, I do not have any antennas up for 4m. I think a 4m halo would be a good choice: fine for European Es in the summer and probably fine for inter-G work when the band is dead.

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