6 Jan 2017

Return to 10m JT65

A few moments ago I returned to 10m JT65 (2W) from 630m WSPR.

On 10m, I seem to get better results on JT65 than WSPR, probably because there is more activity. JT65 is a useful 10m mode at this part of the cycle as there are usually people monitoring and uploading spots to PSK Reporter Maps.

When not looking for 2-way QSOs it is possible to beacon and get these uploaded to PSK Reporter Maps by sending "B callsign QTHlocator".  It is rare for a day to pass without being spotted or spotting someone on 10m JT65, despite low or zero sunspot numbers. It is certainly better than calling CQ on CW or SSB and just giving up on 10m.

JT65 works with weaker signals than SSB and CW and only a few watts and simple antennas are needed to work the world. Software is free too and very easy to use.

UPDATE 1112z: M5ZAP (125km) spotted on 10m JT65, but no DX yet.

UPDATE 1245z: EA8CYL (2988km) is my best 10m JT65 spot so far today. I am using 2W and a low, indifferent antenna. There is now widespread Es on 10m.


Jan, OZ9QV said...

Good to see you have signals on 10m, too.
This morning I spotted VK3KCX at 16000km no less than 5 times on WSPR, plus OH5XO (1172km) and PG0DX (about 400km).
So yes, 10m is alive and well, though not with a massive amount of signals.

I should be getting on 10m JT65, too, just to see what I can see.
Vy 73 de Jan, OZ9QV.

Roger G3XBM said...

Excellent Jan.