5 Jan 2017

Microshaft - NOT amateur radio

A few moments ago my wife tried to log onto her on-line email account. Up came a pop-up window allegedly from Microsoft encouraging her to change to the Bing search engine and change the default browser to a Microsoft one. There was no way to close the pop-up window and no cross in the corner! Instead we closed the PC and started all over again.

We choose the browser we use and we choose the search engine we use!! If these are not Microsoft, so be it. We deeply resent this sort of intrusion. Sorry, but I was not at all impressed and will never now use Bing. I use Windows 10 but I hate this sort of behaviour. STOP IT NOW!!!


William Wright said...

Looks like Micro$oft are up to their old tricks again. Did they learn anything from US vs Microsoft?

Anonymous said...

Clicking anywhere outside of the pop-up should close it.

Many websites do this. My gmail wants me to upgrade to Chrome.

Also ctrl-alt-del and choose Task Manager to close your program instead of turning off your pc.

Happy 2017!

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't say anywhere outside of the pop-up.

Anywhere inside your browser's open window.

You may not use programs at full screen and click on your desktop or if you click on the task bar it won't close it.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you William.