29 Jan 2017

IW4AOT on 6m - MS?

This morning I spotted IW4AOT calling CQ on 6m MSK144. I assume this was random MS. He did not get uploaded to PSK Reporter Maps. Maybe I lost internet for a while?

UPDATE 1438z: G4CLA copied at 1349z on 6m MSK144. Tropo?

UPDATE 1842z: Now back on 6m MSK144 with 15 secs TX periods.

UPDATE 2212z: Now back on 50.280MHz (6m) MSK144 receive only for the overnight period. My apologies to G0LRD (25km) who was trying to work me earlier, but I was beaconing.

1 comment:

croara1 said...

I am active every day for test on msk or jt65hf
Tnx for report
Peter IW4AOT