30 Jan 2017

Cambridge - NOT amateur radio

We are very lucky to live within very easy reach of Cambridge which is about 10 miles away "as the crow flies". I used to work in the city. It has a rich academic history with its world famous university, Kings College Chapel, Samuel Pepys Library and probably the highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners on the planet! People come from all over the world to see what we can see for free at any time. As a local, we can get into the colleges for free. And we take it all for granted.

As an "oldie" we can take advantage of the vast number of University of the Third Age (U3AC) courses on offer. Often the lecturers are ex-university staff, who give their time without charging. It is great learning to simply find out knowledge without exams or pressure.

At some point we will realise just how lucky we are.

See http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/chapel/index.html

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Dick said...

Wonderful university. And, MR James, my favorite "Ghost" story author, certainly part of Cambridge's rich history. You are fortunate.