2 Jan 2017

Back to radio

Now the house is back to normal, I can concentrate again on my amateur radio hobby. The pattern is usually 630m WSPR in the evenings and overnight and 10m JT65 in the day time.

This year, I should try for more 2-way QSOs with JT65. At some point I may buy a new radio, but I am in no hurry and am waiting for prices to drop. I expect quite a bit of price cutting in 2017 as dealers fight for our trade. I would like to see them all survive, but they have to be totally fair to customers making a fair profit but without exploiting us.

Although my voice is not great, I try to go on the East Cambs 2m FM net at 2000z Mondays 144.575MHz (yes forty four) and the 2m and 70cm UKAC sessions on Tuesday evenings. I assume the first 2m UKAC is tomorrow evening? It is very easy to forget at this time of year!

As for New Year amateur radio resolutions, I have made none, although  I hope my health improves so I can do more building and field work again.


David (G0LRD) said...

Don't forget the new FMAC contest in the hour before the main UKAC.
73 David G0LRD

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the reminder David. I shall certainly have a brief go, although it is also a test of my voice's "staying power". Usually 1 hour and I have more than had enough. 2 contests in one night will be pushing things for me!