24 Jan 2017


G8OFA in Salisbury is trying 2m WSPR on 144.489MHz beaming towards Cambridge, so I have QSYed from 10m JT65 to 2m WSPR.

As I am dependent on the FT817's internal TCXO, drift may well be an issue. As you can see, drift is a real problem. In the end I set the FT817 100Hz low which seemed where I was centred on the WSPR segment.

On WSJT-X V1.7 you can see about 2.5kHz of the band in real time, so I just made the frequency adjustment to where most activity seemed to be. This could be wrong and I could drift off!

Just exchanged WSPR spots with G8OFA (189km).

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Anonymous said...

HiRoger re FT817 stability you may be interested in these modules for sale on eBay. for about £10

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Regards Chris G8OCV