3 Jan 2017

2m FMAC and UKAC sessions this evening

As reminded by Dave G0LRD yesterday, the RSGB's new FM activity session is in the hour preceding the 2m UKAC this evening. The FMAC is designed to encourage FM 2m activity and runs for the hour before the UKAC session. I hope to try both if my voice holds out!

In the UKAC sessions it is horizontal polarisation and mostly SSB with a little CW. For the FM sessions I am unsure which polarisation, so will start with vertical, but have the horizontal big-wheel if needed. Certainly the UKAC activity levels are high. I hope the FMAC brings plenty on the air.

See http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/contest_rules.pl?year=2017&contest=2mfmac&seq= .
See http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/contest_rules.pl?year=2017&contest=2mukac&seq=

UPDATE 2142z: Well the FMAC was a dead loss for me! I was unclear of where to look on the band and unclear about polarisation. Only one station heard calling CQ contest and no QSOs made! UKAC was better with 11 QSOs in just under an hour with 5W and an omni antenna. Best DX 123km.

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