18 Dec 2016

New radio - later

As you may recall, I was thinking about investing in either a KX2, FT991A or IC7300. At the moment, the IC7300 is the favourite, although I am still expecting the price of this rig to drop next year, despite the exchange rate.

To me, if the FT891 and FT450D are much lower priced, then so should be the IC7300, which has a much less complicated RX architecture.

At the moment, I am in no great hurry. Once the FT991A starts to make inroads, the IC7300 price will drop. Sub-£1000 is definitely likely in my view It is only at the current price because people are prepared to buy it at the current price.

At their present prices most users can't see a real difference between the IC7300 and the FT991A. OK one has 4m (IC7300) and one has 2m and 70cm (FT991A), but to the end user, the architectural differences mean nothing.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

I prefer a IC-7300 as well. Not really a Yaesu fan although I like the FT-817. Just waiting for the price to drop. It has already dropped a bit but I think we have to wait for the new IC-7610 before the price drops below 1000 GBP or Euro. I think that will be the point that people are not willing to pay more for a "old" SDR radio. 73, Bas