3 Dec 2016

More digging on HF needed!

The DX on the higher HF bands is getting harder to find now. I have been on 10m JT65 all day but not a single spot. Although conditions are not as good as they were, I am sure one of the issues is people take a casual look and give up. A major contest brings the higher HF bands alive, proving it is activity (or lack of it) and not conditions. Switch to weak signal modes and stick at it.

10m remains good far more often than is realised. This is a great opportunity for JT65 to prove its usefulness. WSPR should be even better, but sadly activity on 10m WSPR seems much lower than JT65.

UPDATE 1830z: As if to prove the point, LU1AMH (11207km) in Argentina was spotted at 1702z on 10m JT65. There is definitely life still on 10m.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, 10m DX is still possible. Interesting could be the ARRL 10m contest, not to transmit for you but rather to play SWL. It takes place next weekend. I got a report today that long path contacts were made between Thailand and Europe on 11m. Most of the time propagation for both 11 and 10m are similair. 73, Bas

Hugh said...

Quite often I monitor activity on 27MHz at the same time.. It is easy to see if there are long distance paths open, as the openings are not missed by CBers.