6 Dec 2016

Late switch to 10m JT65

Rather later than usual, I have gone QRT on MF and am now on 10m JT65 (2W).

Although I have copied South America on most days recently on 10m JT65, my own signal has not been spotted for a few days. Better luck today? Ever hopeful!  I think there are fewer people on 10m JT65, which is a pity.

We should get some Es in the northern hemisphere as there is a small peak around December and January, although I do not know why.

UPDATE 1150z: No spots as yet on 10m JT65. I shall be on until this evening.

UPDATE 1700z: KK1D (3361 miles) Spotted me on 10m JT65 an hour ago. This is the first USA station to spot me this winter on 10m. I was quite surprised.

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